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Three Ways to Improve Your Nutrition

Science has studied the correlation between guts bacteria and emotional states. The findings were published in Psychosomatic Medicine: Journal of Behavioral Medicine, and it confirms to the theory that says our brain, gut, and microbiota are interrelated with each other. The saying, “You are what you eat,” now has got a scientific backup.

If you experience unexplainable exhaustion, terrible mood swings, and inability to focus well, your diet may be the cause of those health problems. And the solution is no other than to improve your nutrition.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake

If you think that sugar intake only means the sugar in your coffee or tea, then you are wrong. Carbohydrate is also a form of sugar, and the bad news is that almost every meal we have today has an excessive amount of it. Donut contains roughly 27 grams of sugar. And that is already very close to the healthy limit of suggested sugar intake per day, which is 37 grams. If you drink a can of coke, you add another 11 grams of sugar to your system, and it already exceeds the limit.

Sugar is a natural substance, but because we consume it in its processed form (sugar blocks, crystals, and sands), we cannot have the health benefits as if we eat the sweets in its natural forms (fruits and canes). Sugar contains no vitamins, no minerals, and no fibers. Nevertheless, when we consume sugar, it tricks our brain into believing that we already satiate our hunger. As a result, we will feel hungry quickly if we eat sweet foods.

High sugar intake is associated with diabetes, obesity, early aging, and cardiovascular diseases. Limit your sugar consumption as suggested, 37 grams, each day, and you should prefer getting the sweet taste from fruits instead of donuts and cakes.

A Solution for Busy People

Eating healthy is not easy if you have tight schedules. And in that case, you should trust your diet plans to the experts. There are many services in the diet plan business: Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, HMR Medifast & Optifast, and Atkins. But the most recommended one is Nutrisystem because they serve healthy foods without abandoning the need to satiate our taste palates. If you are not convinced, you can learn more about Nutrisystem and read real reviews on the Internet first, before you decide to join with their programs. You will see how many people have felt the benefits of Nutrisystem’s weight loss diet and nutrition improvement program.

Cook by Yourself When You Have Time

There is no other way to get better nutrition than to select and process foods by ourselves. You should pick the freshest vegetables, fruits, and meats, and then you should cook them well. Restaurants do provide menus with balance portions of veggies and meats, but they often overcook them, which degrades the quality of the contained vitamins and proteins. Also, the type of cooking oil used in restaurants is usually high in saturated fat. It does taste delicious, but the fat can raise the level of cholesterol in our body.…